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Past Issues - Erlanger Squeeze Play - 4/5/2009
Dear Trader and Investor,

Erlanger Squeeze Play - (free for 30 days)

Wall Street's most powerful and mega-rich insiders including Peter Lynch of Fidelity Investments, Jeff Vinik, former manager of Fidelity Magellan and more than 100 top fund companies, collectively managing over 1 trillion dollars have been glued to the buy/sell recommendations of one amazing man - Phil Erlanger. They follow his advice because he has a reputation of being a genius.

"When Faced With Market Uncertainty, Most Investors Do What Everybody Else Is Doing"

It's a fundamental of market psychology: Individual investors have a tendency to move with the crowd.

For as long as there's been a stock market, institutions and Wall Street insiders have capitalized on this principle. Making countless billions off the mistakes of the masses.

"Wall Street Insiders Call It A Squeeze Play"

When a large number of investors place a bet and the market moves against them, the crowd often throws in the towel en masse.

Under specific conditions, such collective investor capitulation fuels a short-term advance or decline phase - an opportunity that creates fortunes.

"Exploit the Herd Mentality of the Financial Markets"

Legendary market technician, Phil Erlanger, has spent the past eight years developing proprietary mathematical models of this incredible market phenomenon.

Surrounded by a vast computer array at his headquarters just outside of Boston, Phil identifies squeeze plays based on what actually happens in the markets.

Using reliable quantitative price movement and sentiment indicators, Phil Erlanger has succeeded in turning the art of the squeeze play into a science.

"Exclusively For Institutions And Savvy Investors"

Phil Erlanger and his team of researchers continually monitor over 6,000 stocks, 139 industry groups and 18 sectors for leading financial institutions such as Fidelity™, Oppenheimer™ and the Bank of Tokyo™.

Now for the first time, Erlanger Squeeze Play (ESP) is available to individual investors by subscription.

"Erlanger Squeeze Play Gives You The Power"

Simple and easy to use, Erlanger Squeeze Play provides a disciplined way to identify and capitalize on the mistakes of the masses.

Each month, you'll get detailed market analysis, rankings of industry groups and sectors, evaluation of seasonal cycles and bottom line strategies.

What's more, every issue includes an exclusive listing of Phil's top twenty picks for both short and long squeeze plays.

Then, throughout the month you'll receive Erlanger Squeeze Alerts. Urgent buy and sell recommendations, updates and comments from Phil Erlanger himself.

"Because You're Either Part Of The Herd Or You're Profiting From It"

This very second, thousands of investors are surrendering millions of dollars to a squeeze play.

Don't delay, subscribe to Erlanger Squeeze Play today and make their loss your gain.

Best wishes,
Thierry Martin

There is a financial risk as well as opportunity with all trading. Futures and Options trading should involve risk capital only.


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