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Past Issues - Global Market Perspective from EWI - 4/23/2009
Once each year or so, our friends at Elliott Wave International do something unheard-of in the world of financial analysis - they give it away for free!

Dear Trader and Investor,

Get this 120-page Global Market Analysis free for a limited time!

For the first time ever, EWI is giving away one month of its most popular global analysis publication, a 120-page "little black book" of investment insights called Global Market Perspective, which includes EWI's three regional publications:

* The U.S. Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($19/month value)
* The European Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($29/month value)
* The Asian-Pacific Elliott Wave Financial Forecast ($31/month value)
* PLUS, the 120-page book includes analysis culled straight from EWI's professional-grade Specialty Services, each of which is valued at $199/month.

This is truly a very rare occasion, and it only lasts for just a few more days. Whether you use Elliott or not, we highly recommend you stop by the webpage and take advantage of this limited-time, completely free offer.Learn how to get your free 120 pages of global analysis here.

Best wishes,
Thierry Martin


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