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Past Issues - Robert Prechter's New Gold and Silver eBook - 6/4/2009
A 40-Page eBook Worth Its Weight in Gold

Dear Trader and Investor,

Download Robert Prechter's NEW Gold and Silver eBook - It's FREE!

The mainstream media will tell you Robert Prechter is famous for forecasting U.S. stocks: namely, a bullish forecast in 1979, which materialized and surprised everyone; an urgent "sell" alert in advance of the 1987 crash; and, recently, a recommendation to short U.S. stocks from July 2007 to February 2009, a record trade that netted an astonishing 800 S&P points in 19 months.

But to Prechter's subscribers, his analytical record for gold and silver is just as noteworthy. This FREE 40-page eBook will show you why and tell you how to benefit from what's next for gold and silver.

These independent insights will help you decide how to – and how not to – incorporate gold and silver successfully into your own investment strategy.

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Best wishes,
Thierry Martin


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