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Past Issues - The 2009 Highwater Commodity Trading Guide - 3/29/2009
Dear Trader and Investor,

The 2009 Hightower Commodity Trading Guide is the perfect resource for traders of any skill level. Whether you're new to trading or a veteran, this indispensable guide is a must-have for whatever markets you trade.

Including a market outlook for every major commodity, the guide also includes:

* 350 charts and graphs
* All-time High and Low prices
* 10 years of Supply and Demand tables
* Government and Industry Report Dates
* Futures and Options Expiration Dates
* Global Crop Calendars
* Traders Glossary
* Contract Specifications
* and more!

Click here to get your free copy! (while supplies last)

Best wishes,
Thierry Martin

There is a financial risk as well as opportunity with all trading. Futures and Options trading should involve risk capital only.


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