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Past Issues - MarketClub offers a new approach to trading - 9/7/2005

If this is not true...

Dear Trader and Investor,

You hear a lot about advisory services touting their buy and sell records. You know the ones I am taking about, they always buy on the bottom and sell at the top.

How do they do that?

The problem is they usually have no way of proving how they achieve this feat, because all the signals were created by some super secret "Black Box System."

Everything works great, profits are piling up until that inevitable day arrives.

Market forces change direction and losses begin to pile up faster than anyone thought possible. The problem is no one told the "Black Box" that this was going to happen because it was optimized for only one market condition.

Reality check: Markets cannot be optimized and squeezed into a "Black Box."

But, what if ...

What if I could visually prove to you that the signals shown below are real?

What if ...

I went even further and said I could prove to you how those gains were achieved and how you could replicate the same signals in less than two minutes?

Would that be of interest to you?

Shown here, two of the hottest markets on the planet with their last 5 market signals.

2005 May Crude Oil:
01/04 Buy 43.55
01/20 Sell 47.20 Gain $3,360.00
01/21 Buy 48.55 Loss $1,350.00
01/28 Sell 48.25 Loss $300.00
02/10 Buy 47.20 Gain $1,050.00
03/22 Sell 56.60 Gain $9,400.00
Current price 53.81 Open Gain $2,790.00

Total gains based on one May 2005 Crude Oil contract $15,240.00.

2005 June Gold:
01/31 Sell 428.00
02/10 Buy 420.00 Gain $800.00
03/01 Sell 436.00 Gain $1,600.00
03/07 Buy 438.80 Loss $280.00
03/15 Sell 443.50 Gain $470.00
Current price 427.90 Open Gain $1.560.00

Total gains based on one June 2005 Gold contract $4,150.00.

If I cannot prove the above numbers are true, then I insist on giving you a one-year subscription to our top charting service. That's a $347 gift to you.

Is there a catch?

The only catch is you have to subscribe to the service first to see and replicate the signals above.

It is impossible for me to prove the signals are genuine otherwise.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you learn step-by step how signals like the ones above spot huge moves in stocks, futures, precious metals and mutual funds.

I recommend you start by clicking here.


Adam Hewison

P.S. You have zero risk, with our 3-month 100% satisfaction guarantee on this super charting product.

P.P.S. Act now and check out these signals. There are new signals every day.

Detailed information about this trading method here.


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