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Past Issues - Trading video reveals 'hidden' market move - Larry Levin - 9/19/2006

Trading video reveals 'hidden' market moves

If you're like most traders, you use a trend-following trading method. After all, most trading methods out there are based around following the prevailing market trend.

However... did you know that there are points in any market (stocks, forex, futures) where a "divergence pattern" occurs that could trigger a potentially huge market move that most trend-following methods would otherwise miss?

It's true.

And if you've already discovered how to find these otherwise hidden' market moves, then you know what I'm talking about.

There's a brand-new 5 minute, 10 second video tutorial online that will show you EXACTLY what I mean. You'll see how easy it is to spot these "divergences" and then you'll see the potential market moves that follow.

To learn all about divergence trading, watch this video.

I think you'll agree that learning how to spot "divergence patterns" in markets is a great addition to any trading method you might currently use, and I urge you to learn all you can about it.

Important note: This is a limited-release video that will be online until the monthly bandwidth of the web server it is hosted on is used up. That means I can't promise it will be online by the time you go to view it, so make sure you watch it now, before it's gone.


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