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Past Issues - 60:30:15 Principle - Triad Formula - 4/16/2009
Dear Trader and Investor,

A "Light Bulb" Idea, That Changed One Traders Life...

Jason Fielder has just released a Special Report that while so incredibly simple to grasp, has the markings of trading genius written all over it.

The moment you read it , the light bulb will undoubtedly go off for you, just as it did for me.

Jason's all new, truly groundbreaking report is called "The 60:30:10 Principle" and it will INSTANTLY make you a more accurate Forex trader... after your very first read.

On top of all this Jason is giving away (2) systems that you can use immediately to trade during market conditions that usually have most traders running scared.

He's allowing me to offer you a copy "on him" for a short while before he removes the web page.

I'd suggest you hurry.

Get all the details now here.

Best wishes,
Thierry Martin

There is a financial risk as well as opportunity with all trading. Futures and Options trading should involve risk capital only.


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